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Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

Koleksi Aneka Kaleng Richard & Celia Cotton dari Inggris

Koleksi Kaleng Biskuit Rogaska Slatina dari Kroasia

V Bisjak & Ko were originally from Rogaska Slatina, they opened a bakery in 1932 in Zagreb and soon moved into confectionery. After World War 2 they merged with Union to form Kras (Josip Kras) tins often have JK on them. The company is still in production today


Cardboard books biscuit boxes, Inside each book is a little poem, describing what is going on in the town and what the people are doing, and of course what's inside the box and where you can find the factory and the shop!(See below) Green Box is 1932, Red box is from 1931
   Shop display tins, 1930s

Two early Bizjak tins from before the company moved to Zagreb in 1932

These two tins were issued around 1935 in two colors red and green, the one on the right is supposed to be green but ... both have keys and straps so you could carry them around like bags

Koleksi Kaleng Paul Rollins, USA

Koleksi Kaleng Sandra Archer dari Afrika Selatan

Koleksi Tracy Dolphin dari Inggris