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Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

Kaleng "Tchibo" Biru, Merk Jerman produksi kaleng di Cina

Kaleng ini cukup unik karena ada kawat pengunci di tutupnya. Apakah Thibo? Karena bahasa Inggris saya pas-pasan silakan terjemahkan sendiri dari wikipedia ini:

Tchibo is a German chain of coffee retailers and cafés, also known for its weekly-changing range of other products.[2] The latter includes: clothing, household items, electronics and electrical appliances. In Germany, Tchibo's slogan is "Every week a new world" (German: Jede Woche eine neue Welt);.[3]
Tchibo has 12,300 employees worldwide (2012), of which 8,400 are located in Germany. The company is lead by Dr. Markus Conrad (Chairman of the Executive Committee).
Tchibo expanded its product range, and is now selling services such as travel, insurance and mobile phone contracts. With over 1000 shops, Tchibo is one of Germany's biggest shop chains. The company is based in Hamburg.
Tchibo's coffee is sold in supermarkets in the United States, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Poland.
The Tchibo holding company, which in 2007 changed its name from Tchibo Holding AG to maxingvest ag, is owned by the Herz family, one of the wealthiest families in Germany.[4] It holds 100 percent of Tchibo GmbH and is the largest shareholder of the listed company Beiersdorf.[5][6]
In 2002, Tchibo held 850 shops and 22,000 so-called Frische-Depots in bread shops and supermarkets, where shelves bearing the company's "brand" sell non-food articles, like bicycles, towels, and outerware.

Tchibo was founded in 1949 in Hamburg by Carl Tchilinghiryan and Max Herz and still maintains its headquarters in the north of the city. The name Tchibo is an abbreviation for Tchilling and Bohnen (beans, i.e. coffee beans). During its formative years, Tchibo concentrated on a mail order service of freshly roasted coffee beans, processed in the company's own roasting facility in the Hamburg district of Hoheluft.
In 1977, Tchibo purchased shares of Beiersdorf and in 1980, the company became the majority shareholder of the Hamburg cigarette producer Reemtsma. The shares were sold in 2002 to Imperial Tobacco for €5.2 billion.[7] After buying its rival Eduscho in 1997, Tchibo became market leader in Germany with 20%.[1] In the 1990s, Tchibo began to expand to countries outside Germany, and it now has shops in Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Turkey. Entry into the US market was planned in early 2000s, but was later cancelled.
Tchibo sold the cigarette brand Davidoff to the UK-based company Imperial Tobacco for €540 mil. in 2006, the rights for the brand Davidoff café remained with Tchibo

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